About our Workshop Program

Rolling Robots' 2018 - 2019 Robotics and STEM workshops are designed to meet the needs of Homeschool and Afterschool learners who are interested in exploring the world of robotics and related technologies during the regular school year.

Our cutting-edge curriculum incorporates the expertise our founders cultivated during several decades of real-world engineering work, teaching robotics, and guiding our competition teams to Robotics World Championship Awards for the past 5 consecutive years.

Our 8-week workshops will not only provide students a solid foundation in the topic of study, but it will also develop their appetite for applied, continuous learning and nurture a healthy mindset about their education which will inform their future advancement. No prior experience is needed to take any of these workshops. We will also recommend students from our workshops to participate in our ever-growing robotics competition teams based on their interests and their willingness and desire to work in a team settings.

View our list of available workshops below and click the Details button next to your selections to view their extended info and add them to your Shopping Cart.

  • Robots Rock Gr 1-5 (Age 6-11)

    Students learn about structures, gears, motors, wheels, and the use of tools to build their own remote controlled robots with the VEX system.

  • App Development Gr 5-8 (Age 10-14)

    Aims to pique student's interest in learning programming through designing their own Apps. Students learn the basic logic of App development and programming.

  • VEXIQ Building and Coding Gr 2-6 (Age 7-12)

    Students learn about the new VEX IQ Challenge game of the 2018-2019 season and build their own robots to play the game.

  • Advanced Robot Coding Gr 5-8 (Age 10-14)

    Students learn the programming language used for robotics competitions - Robot C.

  • Lego Mindstorms Coding Gr 1-5 (Age 6-11)

    Students build LEGO robots and learn how to program its sensors using LEGO Mindstorms to complete challenges.

  • 3D Printing Gr 5-8 (Age 10-14)

    Students learn how to use Fusion 360 to design their own 3D creations.

  • Jr. Robot Coder Gr 1-5 (Age 6-11)

    Students learn how to code Dash robots and complete challenges.

  • Arduino Coding Gr 5-8 (Age 10-14)

    Students learn how to code the popular Arduino (C language) to make LED lights blink. Build and program robots to complete mazes and SUMO-bot challenges.